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And the crashes are heaven, for a sinner like me,

The arms of the ocean deliver me.

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Name:Raindrenched Scribe

Looking out from underneath,
Fractured moonlight on the sea
Reflections still look the same to me,
As before I went under.

The Life and Loves of Rain's Inamorata

Essentially, I'm just a quirky writer with the rain in my hair, who really should have been a vampire. This journal is my hideaway, my little e-hearth where I can kick off my boots and just be myself. The loves of my life are likely to make an appearance here.

My first love is writing, which makes me feel alive like nothing else can. I don't always do it as much as I would like. I firmly believe that as an author I'm a travelling scribe, traversing sometimes treacherous otherworldly places and bringing back stories.

Books are my second great love. I'm an English Lit grad with an unending passion for words and a chronic-illness-addled brain that can no longer keep up. I try to remedy this by reading as much as I can, and hoping no one expects coherency of me.

The third great love of my life is nature. I feel more at home with nature than I do with most people, and I'm never happier than when I'm out in the rain.

The fourth love of my life is my inner companions, who I variously consider headmates, muses, spirits and parts of my soul. Whatever they are, they are profoundly important to me.

And the fifth? My amazingly patient husband who totally lights up my life. I should note that I haven't listed these in order of preference XD.

I'm cautiously open to adds. If we have something in common, my friends only post is here.

Interests (150):

2 broke girls, 80s movies, a good laugh, abney park, adele, anne rice, another earth, anxiety, architecture, arts and crafts, aspergers syndrome, autumn, avebury, bare faced beauty, bargains, bbw, being outside, being young at heart, body positivity, car free living, changing seasons, choral music, chronic fatigue, classical music, community, compassion, confidence, critical thinking, crystals, dairy free, damh the bard, darkness, daydreaming, def leppard, djinn, dr who, dyscalculia, dysgraphia, emeli sande, epica, faeries, faery, fantasy, florence and the machine, folklore, foxes, friends, friendship, frugality, fruit tea, genderfluid, glastonbury, gluten free, goddesses, gods, graphic art, green living, haes, haiku, headmates, healthy cooking, healthy living, hecate, hedgewitches, home cooking, hugging trees, humour, hurts, karen marie moning, kesha, lady gaga, leannan sidhe, learning violin, libraries, living history, living lightly, local food, louise hay, love, make do and mend, making icons, marian keyes, meditation, muses, music, mythology, nanowrimo, natural medicine, neil gaiman, nightwish, novelling, old buildings, omnia, otherkin, paganism, playfulness, plurality, positive thinking, psychic vampires, psychology, psychopomps, rain, reading, ritual, sacred sites, sacred wells, sci fi, self work, shamanism, sidhe, simple living, simple pleasures, small town living, snow, spirit contact, spirituality, star trek, stardust, stillness, stone circles, stonehenge, strange and norrell, sugarcraft, tarot, tattoos, the big bang theory, the lord of the rings, the mission uk, the other side, the otherworld, the paranormal, the seaside, the vampire diaries, the winter court, the x files, thrifting, tibet, tsa lung, u2, ufos, undercuts, unseelie, vampires, walking in the rain, watching clouds, watching the stars, whale rider, within tempation, wrimos, writing
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